6. Baby (Get in the Car)
Vol. 6
January 2014
Loen Entertainment
Cube DC
English Translation
Korean Romanization
gaseum-i nal dudeulyeo geudaeleul ij-eul suga eobs-eoyo
eoje bamdo hanmadi maldo eobs-i naleul tteona gassgo
museun kal-eul sseodo naui sal-eul bedo
nae piga neomunado naneun gwaenchanh-a
tteeonaego sip-eo simjang-eul meomchuge hagoseo

na mos salgess-eo idaeloneun ni ap-eseo seolsu eobs-eo
jugji anh-eul mankeum nae gieog-eul nae son-eulo kkeunhgess-eo
You, you, you, you
Oh, Baby.

cha-e tabwa aegi jom haja
eotteohge na-ege neul ileol su iss-eulkka neon
jeonhwagil kkeonwa jebal badjima
ap-eulo amu maldo geu nom-ilang hajima
neoui hyang-giga dalla jyeossguna
geu nom-i jwossdeon hyangsu ap-eulo ppulijima
baby hogsi neo geu jasig-i neohante sondaen geoni malhaebwa

jigeum eodiya XXnom-a nae jeonhwa ppalli bad-ala
jigeumbuteo nae yeojahante jeonhwahamyeon jugneunda
neottawi namjaga balabol sudo
ani gamhi najochado balabol su eobsneun
sojunghan nae yeoja nae yeojal niga geondeulyeoss-eo

na mos chamgess-eo eotteohgedeun neoleul ttaelyeoyagess-eo
dasin nae yeoja mos boge oneul naega neoleul sonbwajugess-eo
You, you, you, you
Oh, Baby.

cha-e tabwa ildan maj-aya dwae
neo gat-eun ge gamhi nae yeojaleul wae apeuge hae
jeonhwagil kkeonwa neo geugeo ani
nan wonlae mitbadag-ya jalmos geondeulingeoya
neoui hyang-gi gang-yohajima
deo isang-eun neoege yongseolan eobs-eulkkeoya imma
wae geulae ttogbalo chyeodabwa
geulaeya naega neol sonbwajul suga issjanh-a

geu sungan geu yeojaneun na daesin geu nom eolgul-eul butjabgo
ulgo solijileumyeo eolumanjigo iss-eo
sungan meoliteol-i seogo baboga doeeoss-eo
du nun-e nunmul-i nunmul-i heulleonaelyeo
You, you, you ileon geo yeossni
You, you, you na neomu apeuda

cha-e tabwa
jeonhwagil kkeonwa
neoui hyang-gi

Romanization by terri@cloudusa.org

My heart is pounding.  I can’t forget you.
Last night, you left me without a word.
Whatever knife you use, even if you cut my skin,
Even if I bleed, I'll be okay.
I want to take out my heart and make it stop.

I can’t live.  I can’t stand in front of you like this.
I will cut off my memories just until I don’t die.
You, you, you, you
Oh, Baby.

Get in the car. Let’s talk.
How could you always do this to me?  You.
Turn off your phone. Please don’t pick up.
Don’t talk about anything with that guy from now on.
Your scent has changed.
Don't share your scent (or be with) with that guy from now on.*
Baby, did that bastard touch you? Tell me.

Where are you, you bastard? Hurry and pick up.
If you call my girl from now on, I’ll kill you.
A guy like you has no right look at her.
Even I have no right to look at her.
She’s my precious girl, but you touched her.

I can’t take it anymore. I need to punch you.
So you won’t ever look at my girl again. I need to teach you a lesson.
You, you, you, you
Oh, Baby.

Get in the car. You need to get punched first.
How could someone like you dare to hurt my girl?
Turn off your phone. Do you know?
I came from the lowest of low. You messed with the wrong guy.
Don’t force your scent on me.
There’s no such thing as forgiveness for you.
What’s wrong? Look me straight in the eye,
Because then I can teach you a proper lesson.

At that moment, instead of me, she held onto his face,
Crying, screaming and caressing,
My hairs stood on end, and I became a fool.
The tears in my eyes started flowing.
You you you. Is this how it is?
You you you. It hurts so much.

Get in the car.
Turn off your phone.
Your scent...

English Translation: tuneuplyrics.wordpress.com; (tweaks by terri@cloudusa.org :-})

*Note: This line was not translated by anyone anywhere.  So, I had to guess at its meaning, which is probably totally wrong, but hey.  At least I tried. -Terri  :-}