Please, I need you by my side. 
Please let me know what you're thinking.  Again, I don't get it.
I'm begging you, please don't throw away all pride that I have entrusted you with.  
Please don't knock me out with the truth. (Lie to me.)
Please let me fix this.  Don't say it's worthless. 
Let's talk some more.  Let's give it a second chance. 
Don't say that nothing will come of talking about it. 
Why do you look at other guys who should be envious of us?

​I grabbed you as you left and said that we couldn't be apart. 
What's the problem? Why are you looking for another love? Why won't you tell me?

Why must you leave me?  Why?
Why must you break my heart?  Why?

Why aren't you crying when I am shedding so many tears?
I'm not smart enough to know that these tears signal the end. Please don't let it end so easily. 
Don't stop my breath with a single word. 
Surely you can't have any reason to dislike me. 
Its all right, as my heart is the same as everyone else's. 
You liked me at first, then that turned to hate?
So, don't go.  Oh, don't go!

​That lovable smile of yours has turned to a scornful smile. 
At the beginning, there was no reason, and in the end there is no reason either. 

​​Why must you leave me? Why?
Why must you break my heart? Why?

Is our fate really just until here?
Won't you be the one who can give me love?
How can I fill the space you leave behind?
Why must you go and break my heart?

​​Why must you leave me? Why?
Why must you break my heart? Why?

English Translation: soliliquies via Rain Germany
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Korean Romanization
English Translation
10. Why? [왜 -- Wae]
Vol. 1
n001 (as 비, Bi)
April 2002 (Korea)
Daeyoung AV

jebal naegyeote isseojwo
iyuga mwonji mollado dasihanbeon saenggaghaejwo
​ileohge jajonsimigo mwogo da beoligoseo butaghalge jebal gajima
​jeongmal jalhalge naege jebal jom ileojima
​jebal naega jalhamyeon doejanha gochimyeon doejanha
​malhaebwa gihoedo anjugo ileomyeon andoeneun geojanha
​bonamana andoendagoneun malhajima
​ulideul bogoda namdeuli buleowohaessjanha waeilae

​​tteonalyeoneun neol butjabjido moshage heeojijaneun malman gyesoghago
​mwoga munjeni daleun salangi heundeuni wae ileoneunji wae geuleonji maleul haebwa

​​wae nal tteonaneungeoya  wae
​wae nalullineungeoya  wae

​​wae uljido anha geuleohge nunmuli manheun niga
​nunmul geulsseongijido anha ibyeolilaneun mal jebal geuleohge swibge hajima
neoui geu hanmadie nan sumi maghyeowa hajima
​hogsi naega geunyang iyudo eobsi silheojyeossni
​gwaenchanha eotteohge salam maeumi ttoggatni
​wonlae johado jyeossda silheodo jyeossda geuleoneun geoya
​geuleoni gajima eo gajima

​​salangseuleobdeon neoui geu misoga ijeneun naleul biusgoman isseo
​uli sijage iyuga eobseossdeusi majimagdo geuleohdago iyuneun eobsdago

​​wae nal tteonaneungeoya wae
​wae nal-ullineungeoya wae

​​​​​​​3. uli inyeoni jeongmal yeogikkajingeonji
​nae salangmaneulon neoleul chaeul suga eobsneunji
​neoui binjalin eotteohge chaewoya haneunji
​wae ileohge nal ullineunji

​​wae nal tteonaneungeoya wae
​wae nal-ullineungeoya wae​​

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