Dearest Clouds,

Below you'll find your Cloud USA 1st Anniversary Project, displayed exactly as Katie originally posted it on her BLOG. When we first realized what all of you had done for us, we were astounded.  We were amazed not only at the time and effort this project had to have taken, but also at the amount of scheming that had to have taken place to get it done, especially since so many people were involved--and especially since neither of us heard one single word about it.

We gotta tell you--we were impressed.

When we first came up with the idea of Cloud USA, it was such a simple plan:  Gosh, I love Rain.  (Me too!)  I wish more people here in the U.S. knew about him.  (Me too, again!)  Hey, I know!  We're writers.  (Yeah...?)  So, what if we started a blog, to see if we can build up some buzz?  We could do that, couldn't we!  (Sure!  No problem!)  Whose idea it was, neither of us can recall, but what we do know is that neither of us ran away screaming at the thought either.  So, after a few months of prepping and planning, we signed up for a Wordpress account, and then on
January 21, 2010, we began to fill its pages with all things Rain.

What we couldn't possibly anticipate, however, was the speed with which Cloud USA would grow.  In mere months,  we found ourselves not the owners of a simple blog, but an entire international fan community.  No.  We could never have imagined that, mostly because no matter how much planning and preparing we did, there was one thing we didn't see coming, Clouds--YOU.

You see, Clouds?  It's not really Terri and Stephe that make Cloud USA such a special place.  What makes Cloud USA such a vibrant, fantastic place to be is all of YOU--all of Rain's Clouds who visit us every day and who so lovingly and freely share  your passion for this man who calls himself Rain.  Without YOU, Clouds, there would be no Cloud USA

So, thank you, Clouds, for joining us on our journey and for being such great travel companions.  We are blessed by your spirit, we are honored by your loyalty and we are humbled by your kindness.

Wishing you many Rainy days and much love,

Terri :-} and Stephe ^@@^
Happy 1st Anniversary to CloudUSA!
By purplezest
Yes, today is the day!!! It was a year today that CloudUSA was established (21 January 2010), and what an amazing year it has been!

About Cloud USA: Who We Are ~ page 1

Everyone has there own nice story about how they found out about Rain and became his fan, but if you upgrade that to how you found out about him, became a fan, then created an international fan site, which in one year has gone from a blog to an unexplainable AWESOME! consisting of website, blog and a forum, with Clouds addicted to the updates (doses of Rain which we rely on Terri and Stephe to prescribe), and the international cloud community they have created, then, well, isn’t the story of how that all started worth reading? YES!!!! And your in luck, because they both wrote one!

Stephe’s story

Terri's story

Also a huge thank you to Jim, Alex and Kris *massive cloud hug to each of you*

Due to how much CloudUSA’s founders mean to me, and how much I know they mean to others, I wanted to create this post to show them how much they mean to us--and for CloudUSA’s first year anniversary! So, I emailed all of you (broke my fingers while doing so!) and hatched our secret plan! The response i got was amazing! You're all so talented! Thank you for helping me to make this possible!
From Purplezest (Me… well Duh!):
From MD (Dasiey):
From Cecilia185:
From Takitsubi:
From Questsurfer_2000:
From Marisara:
From Divalcious:
From Rain4Flowers:
From StarRain:
From Kkate59:
From Riverwood:
From Chisun:
From Paoare2008:
From BiAlamode:
From Honebis:
From Stormofstarzz2:
From BusyBee1982:
From ReddRogue:

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Terri :-} and Stephe ^@@^
Cloud USA

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