’s mission is to present Jung Ji-Hoon, the artist known as Rain (Bi), to the English-speaking world, in an effort to help him achieve his personal and professional goal of becoming a world star.
Cloud USA is an unofficial fansite and is not associated with Rain or his management in any way. No copyright infringement intended; all music, videos (embedded or linked; no uploads) and images remain the property of their respective owners and are used for promotional purposes of Rain only.
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Cloud USA is an unofficial fansite for Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon) located in the United States.  We are NOT officially affiliated with Rain or his management in any way.  However, we do strongly support Rain and all of his official activities.

About Cloud USA membership:

  • Cloud USA is a FREE fan community.  There are NO membership fees.
  • Every area of our vast fansite is completely FREE and open to the public.
  • You may subscribe to our Media Blog to receive regular news updates about Rain.
  • You may sign up as a "member" on our Fan Forum to interact/chat with others about Rain.
If you would like to ensure that you are included in our membership database and don't miss out on any critical club communications, please follow the link below and complete Cloud USA's Official Membership Form.

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We hope you enjoy Cloud USA.  It is truly a labor of love.  If you have any comments or suggestions for us, please send us an e-mail at, or leave us a comment on our Contact Us page.
Rain's fans are called "Clouds."  This name came from the idea that wherever "Clouds" gather, "Rain" soon follows.
"The Cloud" is Rain's "OFFICIAL FAN CLUB."  The Cloud is located in Seoul, Korea.  The Cloud's official fan/website, which is also called The Cloud, can be found HERE.  Registration to participate on The Cloud's official fan/website IS FREE.
Most of The Cloud's website is written in Hangul, but under the "World Talk" message board, there's a page called "English Talk," where we English speakers can chat, and where important Rain news and fan club announcements are translated into English by some of Rain's kind multilingual fans. (Please thank them often.)

There is also a "Notice" page there, where important announcements are made by The Cloud executive and other official fan club representatives.  These announcements will be translated into several languages, including English.

Instructions on how to sign up for The Cloud's website can be found on our Media Blog.
Until you become an official, paid-up member of The Cloud (Rain's official fan club), some of the areas on The Cloud's web/fansite will remain inaccessible to you. However, most of the discussion boards, including "English Talk," will be accessible, as long as you are registered as a participant on the fan/website.

Regardless of whether or not you want to sign up as an official member of The Cloud, please do sign up for The Cloud's website, so that you will be able to keep up with all of the club's public announcements and post supportive messages for Rain and other Clouds.

Again, registering for access to The Cloud's web/fansite is totally FREE, and The Cloud fan club and Rain would greatly appreciate your active participation and support there.
 About The Cloud (Rain's Official Fan Club) & The Cloud's Official Website
Again, "The Cloud" is Rain's "OFFICIAL FAN CLUB."  The Cloud is located in Seoul, Korea.  Official fan club communications and officially sponsored activities can be found on The Cloud's official fan/website (also called The Cloud) HERE.
Official membership in The Cloud, Rain's "official" Fan Club, is NOT FREE.

The Cloud's membership drive for the "9th Cloud" membership term, which began on 12/30/2013, is now CLOSED.  The membership fee for the 9th Cloud was $32 USD. The Cloud's membership term can last from one to several years, depending on the assets in the fan club's budget.  Cloud USA will announce the next membership drive when the end of the 9th Cloud term arrives.

Cloud USA strongly encourages everyone who is a true Rain fan to join his official fan club, if possible.  The official fan club is one of the best ways to support Rain in all of his endeavors and to make sure that you are counted as one of his "official" fans, a number that can be incredibly important in the entertainment field.  The official fan club's budget is used to provide Rain with special event support, specialized gifts, and to fund charitable projects in his name.  A few of the special projects funded to date have included:
  • refreshment/meal support for Rain and company during filming
  • special microphones and replacement custom ear monitors for performances
  • charitable donations (i.e., Good Neighbors, International & UNICEF)
Please visit our Media Blog for detailed information on how past official membership drives have been handled, so you'll be ready for the next one.  Please note:  During an official membership drive, you will be required to "register" as a member on The Cloud's website at BEFORE you will be allowed to submit your application and payment for an official fan club membership.  Registration to participate on The Cloud's official website IS FREE.

Wishing you many Rainy days,
Terri :-} and Stephe ^@@^
Co-founders, Cloud USA
How to Become an Official Member of "The Cloud"
(Rain's Official Fan Club in South Korea)

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